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Oxandrolone Cycle: How To Correctly Take?

Oxandrolone cycle is an indispensable steroid with a branched chain. Among the supplements of sports nutrition is one of the most popular products. The use of Oxandrolone cycle has been scientifically proven and tested by many thousands of athletes around the world. This group of amino acids include leucine, isoleucine and valine. Any Anavar complex contains their in different ratios. The standard ratio is 2:1:1, respectively. However, the most active amino acid of this group, the action of which is well studied, is leucine (or rather L-leucine). This amino acid suppresses catabolic destruction of muscles and starts the process of protein synthesis. Therefore, some manufacturers increase the share of leucine in their Oxandrolone cycle by 2 or even 4 times, releasing complexes 4:1:1 and 8:1:1. The greater effectiveness of these complexes with increased leucine content is reasonably questioned.

In addition, there are complexes in which glutamine and sometimes other components are added to the Oxandrolone cycle itself – they are positioned as reductants and amino acid complexes of a wide composition. Each of these complexes has its own niche in the range of food additives, but when choosing their own, it should be borne in mind that the share of Anavar in such complexes is lower. In other words, it is more profitable to buy pure Anavar and, moreover, without taste.


How Does Oxandrolone Cycle Work?

  1. These amino acids are Anavar steroid, that is used in protein synthesis as a building material. This is the first major function of Oxandrolone cycle.
  2. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are involved in the processes of gluconeogenesis, and can also be directly split into muscles with the release of ATP, thus acting as a source of energy for the muscles.
  3. Oxandrolone perform the alarm function, activating the process of synthesis of protein molecules, as well as slowing down the processes of digestion of muscle proteins.
  4. They affect the production of insulin, which largely affects the supply of muscle nutrients and protein synthesis.
  5. Amino acids Anavar can be a raw material for the synthesis of other amino acids, in particular glutamine and alanine.
  6. Anavar (especially isoleucine) promotes better fat mobilization from adipose tissue and inhibits their deposition in fat cells.

Simply put, Oxandrolone cycle nourishes the muscles, suppresses their destruction after exercise and stimulates their growth.

How To Take Oxandrolone Cycle?

Branched-chain amino acids enter the body with protein foods (chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, eggs, peanuts) – they average about 17-20 % of the total protein in these products. However, the benefit of additional intake of Anavar steroid in the form of a dietary supplement is that here they immediately enter the blood from the digestive tract, while for the extraction of Anavar from dietary protein the body must still work hard – to break down the protein to amino acids.

Oxandrolone cycle is absorbed very quickly – in 15-20 minutes and then begin to work in the muscles. The fastest Oxandrolone cycle will not give such a result – its absorption time of at least 30 minutes.

From here it is clear that Anavar will bring maximum benefit only if their drinking is before training and immediately after. If You need to ensure a long-term supply of amino acids to the muscles – use Anavar. Mixing Winstrol with Anavar (as is sometimes advised) is pointless, since Oxandrolone cycle will greatly slow down the absorption of amino acids and negate their presence in the mixture. It is better to slightly increase Anavar dosage. But with creatine, Anavar cycle, it is possible to interfere. Well mixes Anavar Oxandrolone with glutamine and other amino acids, with pre-training complexes.

In practice, the optimal amount of Anavar cycle is established, which should enter the body for the best recovery after training and muscle growth. It is about 33 mg of leucine per 1 kg of body weight. Given the best ratio of 2:1:1, it can be calculated that a single dose of Anavar dosage for an athlete weighing 60 kg is 20 mg. For an athlete weighing 80 kg, respectively 30 mg. Try not to exceed these dosages, because too much of the body simply can not be absorbed, and in addition, side effects may occur.

Usually, Oxandrolone cycle steroids are almost insoluble because they are hydrophobic molecules and their large crystals are almost impossible to stir in water. But modern manufacturers have found that reducing the particles of amino acids, they are much better stirred in the water. Such complexes are usually marked by the word “micronized” or “instantized”.

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