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Simply slim formula

The formula of the ideal weight loss.

The dream of losing weight for many of us is divided about the reality: the desire – is one thing, but the possibility is often turns into a completely different side. How often do we set a goal, such as to lose weight before the weight of which was at our prom in the school, forgetting that years have passed since a lot, and “podnakopili” more than enough …

How to make so that the weight loss process is not proved to be expensive to disease and exhaustion? The most simple, it would seem – to calculate the “ideal” weight, which is actually achieved without excessive effort and without harm to health.

Each of us, at least once attempts were made to lose weight knows that the “ideal weight loss formula” is simple: burn more calories than you consume. But in practice it turns out that 75 percent to walk on this path, faced with the circumstances from which the arms are lowered. We can eat almost on an “as running through mostochek, grabbed the maple leaf”, spent day and night in the gym, but in favorite “benchmark” jeans, it does not intermeddle, and can not fit … The treacherous cock dies on the same figure, and does not want to go down …

It turns out that is not so “perfect” this weight loss formula, and not so easy to calculate your ideal weight really attainable. And not because they need special knowledge or talent mathematician. Need a calculator, paper, scales, tape measures and honesty …! That honesty, to herself that there was no need to involve the stomach, measuring volumes, “forget” about the cream in the morning coffee and pechenyushki to snack in the office of a food diary prizapolnenii, invent excuses superzanyatosti skipping training … Only then you can get the right result!

In the meantime, let’s just take it!

How to calculate the metabolic rate.

To begin, we will need the concept of basal metabolism – is one indicator that reflects the metabolic rate flowing in your body in a complete rest – physical, mental, emotional, etc.

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Any activity requires a certain amount of energy, but even in peace and quiet you spend a certain amount of calories to maintain the heart, lungs, blood vessels and so on. That’s the amount of energy vital to us, and is the main exchange. This is about two thirds of the total of daily energy expenditure. The remaining energy of the body associated with the processing and assimilation of food and physical activity. If the food does not cover the basal metabolism, body goes into and weight saving mode stops falling. If the intake of calories from food covers, but does not exceed the needs of the basal metabolic rate, the weight reduction is achieved by the movement and the specific dynamic action of food.

In medicine, the basal metabolic rate is determined by complex and expensive manipulations fitness uses a simplified approach to this concept and for everyday work quite fit the formulas that I offer you.

And we need a mental stress or find a passport to determine its age. Identified?

Then we consider.

There is a simplified formula:

655+ (height, 1.8 cm x) + (weight in kg x 9.6) – (age, number of complete years x 4.7)

For example, a woman 45 years old, height 175 cm, weight 80 kg wishing to lose weight, has a Basal Metabolic Rate:1(82)(1)[1]

655 + (175 x 1.8) + (9.6 x 80) – (45 x 4.7) = 655 + 315 + 768 – 211.5 = 1526 kcal 5

And then, finally, we can see the number of calories required to maintain your ideal weight or any weight.

Required calories Basal metabolism = x + activity coefficient Physical activity, kcal

activity coefficient depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead:

– if most of the time you’re sitting around your computer and agree to change the position of the body only in the supine, it is equal to 1.375;

– if from time to time you have to periodically jump up and standing, painfully slow, listen to instructions boss, then put yourself 1.55;

– harmful if the boss has the audacity to use you as a courier, although long-invented the phone and email, feel free to write 1,725.

Their level of physical activity, that is the approximate number of calories that you lose during various activities, it is easy to know from the table. All figures are given at the rate of consumption of calories a woman weighing 68 kg. If the weight is less, for every 9 kg reduce calorie consumption rate is reduced by 13%. If the weight is more on every 9 kg increase calorie consumption rate increased by 12%.

Table calorie consumption for different types of activity

The forms of daily activities, exerciseCalories, kcal / h
Pressing (sitting)35
Iron (standing)45
Being in a sitting positionthirty
Being in a standing position40
Cooking food80
Jobs in the garden135
Sex (passive)75
Sex (active)150
Sedentary work75
cleaning of bed130
machine control50
Aerobic low intensity215
Aerobic high intensity485
Badminton (a moderate pace)255
Badminton (in the intense pace)485
ballroom dancing275
Running (11 km / h)485
Running (16 km / h)750
Cross-country race600
Running up the stairs900
Running up and down the stairs540
Water polo600
Water skiing355
gymnastic exercises150
Rowing (4 km / h)210
Canoeing (4 km / h)185
riding horse255
Horse riding (canter)315
Cycling (9 km / hr)185
Cycling (15 km / h)320
Cycling (20 km / h)540
ballet classes750
gymnastics classes (light)240
gymnastics classes (energetic)455
Table Tennis (singles)315
Table tennis (doubles)205
Hiking (3.2 km / h)150
Hiking (4 km / h)235
Swimming (0.4 km / h)210
Swimming (2.4 km / h)460
Swimming fast crawl570
Jumping rope540
Weight training at the gym520
Ice-skating race770
Downhill skiing270
modern dance240
Dancing to the rhythm of the disco400
Figure skating250
Field hockey490
Walking (4 km / h)130
Walking (6 km / h)215

And now there are very few – to substitute their required calories in the following formula and you will get your desired values ​​of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

1(87)[1]For women:

Protein = (Required Calories x 0.20) / 4.19, g of

Fat = (Required Calories x 0.30) / 9, g

Carbohydrates = (Required Calories x 0.50) / 4.19, g of

For men:

Protein = (Required Calories x 0.30) / 4.19, g of

Fat = (Required Calories x 0.20) / 9, g

Carbohydrates = (Required Calories x 0.50) / 4.19, g of

Now, after the calculations and measurements, it should be noted that we are not talking about the evaluation of the figures as such! Body composition analysis can not tell you where to clean and where to add, but with his help you determine which load is optimal for you and whether you need to lose weight too.

Realistically achievable weight. It turns out that “pyshechek from birth” has its own formula for determining the achievable weight. Barbara Edelstein in his book, “Diet for people with reduced exchange” enables the calculation in two stages.

First determine the weight that would have in normal metabolism:

45 kg + 1 kg per centimeter of growth over 150 cm + 0.5 kg for every year over age 25, but not more than 7 kg.1(35)[1]

Then made a correction:

– accrue from 4.5 to 7 kg;

– plus from 4 to 7 kg (if your weight 90 kg);

– and a few kg (if the weight is over a 100 kg).

Example 50-year-old lady growth 158 cm, weighing 90 kg:

45 + 1 kg kg x (158 cm – 150 cm) 7 kg + kg + 7 + 7 = 74 kg kg.

It’s normal, really attainable weight for her.

If she managed to bring itself up to 60 kg (weight which should be in normal exchangeable) and less, provided it sorts of trouble health inevitably quick return to original weight plus a certain number of “bonus” kilograms. And due to the fact that in passing through the unacceptable threshold (in this example, it is 60 kg) appetite often it becomes brutal unmanageable. The body takes what put it on the right.

Knowing these numbers, I think you will be much easier to set achievable goals and go for them without loss of health and beauty!

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