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Synthol (Pump-n-Pose) is a non-anabolic drug used to locally increase muscle volume and give it an ideal shape. The drug was developed by the German chemist Chris Clark in the 1990s. It is especially common in professional sports before competitions. The name “synthol” occurs by analogy with optimum anabolics the nuclear fusion reaction, but this name was already patented, so later the synthol began to be sold under the Pump-N-Pose brand (“pump and pose”). Original Synthol is officially positioned as an oil for posing with the word “site enhancement oil” for unhindered distribution.

Romario Dos Santos Alves 25-year-old amateur bodybuilder from Brazil who used synthol for muscle growth

Synthol composition:

  • 85% of the oil is Medium Chain Triglycerides, for example caprylic acid in the Syntherol brand. It is often used purified sesame and coconut oil.
  • 7.5% lidocaine as a local anesthetic
  • 7.5% benzyl alcohol as a preservative

According to Denis Borisov, Synthol was used by such athletes as Flex Wheeler, Jean Pierre Fuchs, Nasser El Sonbati, Marcus Ruhl, Ernie Taylor, Ronnie Coleman.

Mechanism of action

Synthol like formobolonu promotes a local increase in muscle volume at the injection site.

The composition of the original drug manufacturers are kept secret, but some information about it still seeps and often serves as a support for manufacturers of counterfeit drugs. For example, Dan Duchain claimed that in the analysis he found only fatty acids with 8-12 carbon atoms in the molecule, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol.

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A possible mechanism of action involves increasing the volume of fibers due to the absorption of oil in them or the “flow” of the fibers with the oil base, as well as local inflammation accompanied by muscle swelling.

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