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Testosterone – the primary male androgen organism, produced mainly by the testes and is slightly smaller adrenal cortex. Testosterone during fetal development, early childhood and at puberty affects the formation of male characteristics, and further supports androgen function and male phenotype. In addition, testosterone regulates metabolic processes in the skin, bone, muscle, kidney, bone marrow, liver, and central nervous system. The principle of action of Sustanon 250 Max depends on the target organ, it is often androgen (eg, seminal vesicles, prostate, epididymis) or protein-anabolic (bone, muscle, blood system, liver, kidneys). In some organs starts acting testosterone to estradiol after conversion, then binds to the estrogen receptor in the nuclei of target cells (e.g., adipose tissue, pituitary, brain, testicular leydigovskih cells, bone).


The lack of testosterone ceases cause of male hypogonadism, which are signs of low levels of testosterone in serum, impotence, decreased libido, fatigue, depressed mood, lack, underdevelopment or regression of secondary sexual characteristics, increased risk of osteoporosis.

The steroid testosterone suspension profile

  1. Active substance: 24 hours (half-life 5.6 hours)
  2. Classification: Steroid anabolic / androgenic origin
  3. Method of application: injection
  4. Dosage: Men 100 – 300 mg / day (females usually do not use)
  5. Acne: Yes
  6. Water Retention: Yes
  7. High Blood Pressure: Yes
  8. Hepatotoxicity: High
  9. Aromatase: High
  10. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) conversion: yes
  11. Decrease HPTA function (testosterone production): Yes
  12. Anabolic activity (100%) \ androgenic activity (100%)
  13. detection time – several weeks (by mass spectroscopy and gas chromatography) (half-life approximately 48 hours)

Effects of testosterone suspension

  • It has a rapid half-life
  • Achieving anabolic effect during the day after entering the first injection
  • It affects the growth of muscle mass
  • It has a fat burning effect
  • It affects the stiffening of muscles and relief
  • Quickly increases the strength indices
  • Increases libido (during the course)

The use of testosterone suspension

The most common drug taken by the classical scheme muscle evolution according 50-100mg a day before the competition in speed and power sports, or every day 50-100mg. It is advised to be sure to take anti-estrogens (anastrozolol, exemestane, tamoxifen, Proviron).

In various sports dosages may reach 100-200mg per day and 1000mg thousands per week. Take the drug in doses are not recommended in order to avoid the appearance of serious side effects, such as infertility, gynecomastia, elevated blood pressure and kidney inside, etc.

Women taking this drug is not recommended, due to the fact that the effect of preventing virilization is not possible.

The drug is used by professional athletes of all sports.

Testosterone suspension is often combined in the same syringe with other anabolic agents, water-and fat-based, or with vitamin B12 (reduces pain). In addition, in order to eliminate pain medication often combined with a solution of lidocaine or novocaine.

We should not forget that 100 mg of testosterone ester is not equal to 100 mg of pure testosterone (as in suspension). Weight ether is included in the total number of mg. 100 mg of testosterone enanthate are equal to only 72 mg of pure testosterone. It is therefore an athlete taking enanthate 400 mg per week, about 288 mg receives testosterone. This leads to a marked increase endogenous testosterone levels in men medium, which ranges from 2.5 to 11 mg per day. Taking testosterone suspension of testosterone on average receive more than oil-based preparations. Often athletes taking 100 mg of testosterone per day, per week obtained 700 mg and it is 40 times more than the amount of testosterone which generates a normal man.

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