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boec5[1]By anabolic steroids are viewed with suspicion until today. At the word “anabolic” or even “protein” have enough people in the head beginning to have unpleasant associations. But sports nutrition has almost nothing to do with doping, according to most. For someone anabolics – is the same as that of the protein, and another – the same as the supplements. And because it is obvious that no matter how one friend should carefully look into the matter.
The essence of the concept is anabolism synthesis with the aim of occurrence of new structural body cells and updating the old. A feature of this process is the synthesis of complex molecules resulting from the interaction simple, but the energy accumulation occurs. Thus, if to explain everything in simple words, anabolism – is a process of new muscle tissue. There is also the concept of catabolism, that is the opposite of the process, which prevents anabolism. Both processes have in common name – metabolism.

From the foregoing it can be quite logical conclusion that anabolics – a special means or substances which are able to activate the body’s anabolic process. That is, in fact, for the fatty tissues are quite tasty buns anabolics. However, we are talking primarily about muscle mass.
There are two types of anabolic steroids, which are used to increase the amount of muscle tissue. This steroidal and non-steroidal anabolic steroids. The first category includes artificial drugs that are actively interact with hormones. They also called anabolic steroids. The result of taking these substances – a quick and significant increase in muscle mass and strength. It is for this reason that there is so much attention to anabolic steroids in bodybuilding. However, there are adverse effects. They lie in the impact on individual human hormones. Very often this can lead to harmful results, particularly if improperly received. It is for this reason that today banned anabolic steroids are free to sell, and most fairly significant competition imply a doping control at identifying athletes who used anabolic steroid.


Non-steroidal anabolic agent – on the contrary, you can freely buy and use. First of all, this category includes ordinary food, which affects muscle growth and overall development of the growing organism. Moreover, quite a nonsteroidal anabolics include vitamins and vitamin complexes, various vegetable substances and additives, as well as certain medications (such as insulin). Of course, non-steroidal anabolic drugs are and sports nutrition, ie, protein shakes, powders and support much more that is made specifically for athletes.
It allows high-quality sports nutrition and maximize tangible results from training, without the use of anabolic steroids.

Do not forget that to the major non-steroid anabolics include protein, ie protein. That he is the key material for the process of building and structuring of new muscle. Especially if it intelligently combined with other beneficial nutrients complexes, considering individual training schedule.
Consideration should be given maximum attention to their own diet and physical development, because only then can we achieve a sufficiently significant result that will satisfy you

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