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Tridenosen-InjectionA unique combination of a vasodilator, selenium and amino acids.

Prevents the syndrome of stiffness of muscles in race and trotting horses.


Adenosine triphosphate 2 mg / ml, nicotinic acid 20 mg / ml, diisopropylamine dichloroacetate 50 mg / ml, sodium selenite 0.5 mg / ml, magnesium aspartate 20 mg / ml, potassium aspartate 20 mg / Ml.

Pharmacology: Adenosine (ATP), nicotinic acid and DADA refer to potent vasodilators. Experiments on muscle isolates and dogs showed that the vasodilation of small arterioles is caused heavy duty nutrition pdf by the effect of ATP on receptor sites in the walls of blood vessels. Reducing peripheral resistance leads to increased blood flow and improved perfusion of muscle tissue.

Aspartate magnesium and potassium is used in the treatment of overwork and with the concomitant sodium-potassium imbalance.



The pathogenesis of myopathic syndrome is to reduce cellular oxygenation and to increase the local concentration of metabolic byproducts in muscle tissue, including lactic acid.

Heavy nituria is often associated with the grain type of feeding and heavy work. Horses with a strong musculature (jumping, heavyweights) are at risk. Less severe, but, in general, more visible stiffness occurs in young mares mainly at the age of three.


Tridenosine, used intravenously or intramuscularly, prevents the accumulation of metabolites in muscles and increases the oxygenation of muscle cells. Clinical experiments show that tridonizine prevents stiffness and convulsions in horses and dogs. When tridenosine is used, recovery can be accelerated after heavy loads. Tridenosine improves cardiac activity, normalizing coronary circulation.

Instructions for use:

Apply intramuscularly or intravenously by slow administration.

To prevent the syndrome of muscle stiffness and stimulation of muscle circulation, tridenosine is used 1-3 hours before the load.

To remove fatigue, trydenosine is injected directly after a load or prolonged transport. Horses 15-25 ml Dogs 2-5 ml


STORAGE: Store at temperatures below 25 ° C in a ventilated place, protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children.

Tridenosine for sale in the USA – TOP FACTS

Tridenosine improves heart function, normalizes coronary circulation, promotes energy metabolism, normalizes potassium and magnesium ions, improves myocardial antioxidant system. It has anti-ischemic, membrane-stabilizing, antiarrhythmic function due to the normalization of myocardial metabolic processes through ischemia and hypoxia. It improves central and peripheral hemodynamic indices, increases myocardial contractility, left ventricular functional status, and cardiac output, leading to increased physical capacity. In conditions of ischemia, the drug reduces myocardial oxygen consumption, improves coronary circulation, activates the functional state of the heart, leading to a decrease in the frequency of angina attacks and shortness of breath during exercise. Tridenosine for sale restores normal sinus rhythm in patients with paroxysmal supraventricular and supventricular tachycardia, with atrial fibrillation and shaking, and also reduces the activity of ectopic foci (atrial and ventricular extrasystoles).

And even in those cases where the use of vasodilators that improve the trophism and energy needs of organs and tissues is needed – ischemic disorders of the cerebral circulation or.
increased energy needs of the body: rapid weight loss, prolonged fever, diseases of the hepatobiliary region (acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis), hyperthyroidism, chronic infections, malignant tumors, prolonged stress, breastfeeding. With dermatoses accompanied by a violation of peripheral circulation.

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