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Rexobol-50 (stanozolol oral) 50mg (50 pills)


Rexobol-50 (stanozolol oral) 50mg (50 pills)


Manufacturer: Alpha PharmaCategory: Oral steroidsSubstance: stanozolol oralPackage: 50mg (50 pills)

  • Open, Non-Proprietary Formula
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Rexobol is developed by Alpha Pharma and is available for sale in our store as an oral type of Winstrol. These 50mg stanozolol tablets are used globally by body builders and track athletes alike (in different doses) for the results they produce with muscle mass gains and creating definition.

Effects: Having a high anabolic activity which produces 320% testosterone, as well as a medium androgenic effect which is 30% testosterone, Rexobol is taken orally to increase endurance and strength significantly. One of the main draw backs is hepatoxicity due to the alkene elements in the drug which increase bioavailability. Since there is no water retention throughout the cycle it is ideal for drying and definition. Some of the other main effects are increased strength, endurance, and it has anti-estrogen and anti-progestin properties as well as increasing other steroids.

Directions For Use: Stanozolol is taken orally at different doses for different purposes. If the goal is muscle definition and increased endurance the recommendation is to take 50mg doses in an individual cycle. For those athletes that have moderate weight and fat deposits an optimal dosage would be between 50-100mg every day during the cycle. For those that are just are just starting out with steroids a lower dose of 10-20mg per day. It is also suitable for women, but a dose of 5-10mg is recommended daily. Liver damage can occur if the cycle length is exceeded, so care should be taken when using.

Side Effects: Possible side effect can include aggression, oiliness of the skin, acne, and liver failure if recommended doses or cycle durations are exceeded.

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