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Testopin-100 (testosterone propionate) 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


Testopin-100 (testosterone propionate) 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


Manufacturer: BM PharmaceuticalsCategory: Injectable steroidsSubstance: testosterone propionatePackage: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)

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This is not a complete list of possible side effects. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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Day 1 200 Day 2 158.74 Day 3 225.99 Day 4 179.37 Day 5 242.366 Day 6 192.366 Day 7 252.681 Day 8 200.553 Day 9 259.179 Day 10 205.711 Day 11 263.273 Day 12 208.96 Day 13 265.8513 Day 14 211.0068 Day 15 267.4758 Day 16 212.2961 Day 17 268.4992 Day 18 213.1084 Day 19 266.6636 Day 20 209.1711 Day 21 263.5386 Day 22 209.1711 Day 23 263.5386 Day 24 209.1711 Day 25 263.5386 Day 26 209.1711 Day 27 263.5386 Day 28 209.1711 Day 29 163.5386 Day 30 129.8011 Day 31 100.5426 Day 32 79.8011 Day 33 60.8576 Day 34 48.3031 Day 35 35.8576 Day 36 28.4601 Day 37 20.1086 Day 38 15.9601 Day 39 10.1873 Day 40 8.0856 Day 41 3.9373 Day 42 3.125

Frequency of Administration: Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate) is normally injected every other day to 3X per week.

increased hemoglobin (red blood cell count)

This side effect stems from increased estrogen levels and is countered by aromatase inhibitors (for example Anastrozole – Arimidex).

The side effects of Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate) will include natural testosterone suppression in all men who supplement. For the TRT patient this is of no concern as he no longer produces enough testosterone to begin with. For the performance athlete, while on cycle this is also of no concern as the exogenous testosterone will provide all he needs. Once the use of Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate) has come to an end and all exogenous hormones (steroidal) have cleared the body, natural testosterone production will begin again. However, it will take quite a bit of time for levels to reach their prior high state and a low level condition may exist for a time. For this reason, most men are encouraged to implement a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) program following anabolic steroid use. A PCT plan will stimulate natural testosterone recovery and speed up the process. It will not bring your levels back to normal on it’s own, there’s no PCT plan that can do this. However, it will ensure you have enough testosterone for proper bodily function while your levels continue to naturally rise. Important notes – natural testosterone recovery assumes no prior low testosterone condition existed. Natural recovery also assumes severe damage was not done to the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis (HPTA) due to improper or irresponsible anabolic steroid use.

Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate)

Cardiovascular strain and negative cholesterol changes are all peripheral effects that fall under Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate) side effects. It is one side effect that is exhibited by every single anabolic steroid in existence and is inherent to the nature of anabolic steroids, especially oral anabolic steroids. This involves the reduction of HDL (the good cholesterol) and increases of LDL (the bad cholesterol). The result of such changes involves an increased risk of arteriosclerosis, and the degree to which these changes occur for the worse are usually dose-dependent (with higher doses increasing the negative changes and the risks). Other factors that affect these negative cholesterol changes are: duration of use, and route of administration. Testosterone itself actually happens to exhibit far less of an impact on cholesterol values in this case than all other anabolic steroids, as one of the contributing factors in this case is due to the liver’s ability to freely metabolize Testosterone, and the fact that Testosterone is not extremely resistant to hepatic breakdown and metabolism. The issue where hepatotoxicity is concerned mostly stems from certain anabolic steroids that possess the trait of exhibiting heavier resistance to hepatic metabolism than Testosterone is. This is one of the main reasons as to why oral anabolic steroids exhibit varying levels of hepatotoxicity – the C17-alpha alkylation causes the anabolic steroid to become further resistant to being metabolized or broken down by the liver. The concern as to whether an anabolic steroid has a high resistance to hepatic metabolism or a low resistance is a factor in how much impact a given anabolic steroid has on the liver’s management of cholesterol .

Because Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate) is a slower releasing anabolic steroid with a shorter half-life of 4.5, it holds the capability for allowing users to run short Testosterone Propionate cycles in the range of 8 – 10 weeks (and sometimes as short as 6 weeks). This is due to the shorter time required for optimal peak blood plasma levels to be achieved because of the faster release.


Therefore, the kick-in period occurs at a sooner date (approximately 2-4 weeks into the cycle for most users) than the long estered slow releasing anabolic steroids (4 – 6 weeks into a cycle for most people).

Stanozolol: 10-30 mg/day

increase in levels of IGF-1 and MGF hormones (which also promote muscle growth)

Testopin-100 (Testosterone Propionate) is widely available on the black market. Nearly every large anabolic steroid supplier carries this form of testosterone. The pharmaceutical market is, however, a different story. Testosterone Propionate, although approved by the U.S. FDA is no longer manufactured by any U.S. based pharmacy. The hormone can be found under a few European pharmaceutical labels but underground versions remain the dominant forms.

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