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Dimethazine (prohormone) 10 capsules/BOX


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Dimethazine (prohormone) 10 capsules/BOX


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Dimethazine: An Oral Steroid that Can Provide Some of the Best Bodybuilding Results Imagineable

Bodybuilders can utilize the oral steroid dimethazine to grow lean muscle mass, improve performance, and hasten recovery. Because it has a quick effect on the body, this steroid is frequently taken by athletes who must compete in contests lasting more than an hour. The steroid can be used with other steroids including stanozolol, methandrostenolone, oxandrolone, and trenbolone and is also used for weight loss.

What exactly is Balkan Pharmaceutical Dimethazine?

A prescription medication called dimethazine is used to treat heart failure and excessive blood pressure. It functions by relieving the strain on the heart and bringing down blood pressure. Although it is frequently prescribed as the first line of treatment for hypertension, studies have shown that it is ineffective in patients with renal impairment.

This oral steroid is popular among bodybuilders because of its potent effects on muscle growth as well as its capacity to boost strength and stamina. Dimethazine is frequently combined with other steroid compounds in bodybuilding cycles to produce a synergistic effect. As of right now, it is not on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of chemicals that are prohibited, therefore bodybuilders are permitted to use this medication.

Dimethazine stands apart from other oral steroids because of its ability to provide rapid and long-lasting effects. Dimethazine is also used to decrease hunger. Many users would take it for a few weeks at the end of a cycle to curb their appetite and ease the process of losing weight, which is advantageous for bodybuilders who want to enter the cutting phase without having to worry that the bulking phase may hinder their efforts to lose weight.

Effects and Side Effects of Dimethazine use

Positive Effects

Dimethazine is a steroid, thus it’s critical for consumers to understand exactly how to utilize it. Having stated that, benefits of healthy Dimethazine use include increased lean muscle mass, higher energy, enhanced athletic performance, and less weariness. Additionally, users will be able to notice an increase in their body temperature and resting metabolic rate. It is crucial for folks who intend to use dimethazine to make sure they receive the right dosage in order to achieve their goals. Having stated that, a normal daily dose for Dimethazine is 20–40 mg.

Negative Effects

Users of Dimethazine who abuse the drug may encounter a number of side effects. Because of this, it is crucial that the user NEVER abuses the steroid. Abuse of dimethazine may have a number of negative side effects, such as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, increased water retention, and muscular deterioration. The simplest approach to prevent suffering these side effects is to simply follow the recommended dosage guidelines and ensure that the steroid is only used as directed. To lessen the chance of experiencing negative effects, the steroid can also be used with other steroids. Dimethazine can be used with some steroids, such as Stanozolol and Trenbolone.

How to properly utilize Dimethazine

Dimethazine can be used in a variety of ways in the realm of bodybuilding. This oral steroid is typically used in bodybuilding cycles to stop muscle breakdown. Athletes who want to lose body fat also utilize it as a weight-loss assistance. Dimethazine can be the last substance in a stack used during bulking cycles to help increase muscle mass and strength.

The best approach to determine your dosage is to speak with a qualified coach or your physician. Nevertheless, the typical Dimethazine dosage during bulking cycles ranges from 400 to 800 milligrams per week, with the majority of women using the lower end of that range. Under the guidance of a qualified specialist, beginners typically begin with 10–12 milligrams per day. The typical steroid dosage for experienced bodybuilders who can handle greater doses is 50–100 milligrams per day.

It is important to keep in mind that while using Dimethazine, there is a risk of side effects such as high blood pressure, hepatitis, and liver damage.Depression and suicide are also possible side effects of Dimethazine use. It is important to seek help if you experience these signs or symptoms so that your health can be monitored properly.


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