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Oxymetos 25 (oxymetholone) 25mg (100 pills)


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Oxymetos 25 (oxymetholone) 25mg (100 pills)


Manufacturer: Pharmacom LabsCategory: Oral steroidsSubstance: oxymetholonePackage: 25mg (100 pills)

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Pharmacom Labs has developed Oxymetos 25 as an anabolic steroid to be taken orally. Each tablet contains 25mg of the hormone oxymetholone, with 100 tablets per pack for sale in our online store.

The company Syntex first developed this steroid to treat anemia or other ailments that have significant weight loss as a symptom due to the amount of weight increase the drug allows the user to gain. This makes it a very popular choice among the body building community and is known under the name Anadrol.

Effects: It is similar to methandienone, but oxymetholone has the difference of being progestogenic. It increases your body weight by increasing appetite and red blood cells when taken, which allows the body to absorb more oxygen during your workout. This increased tissue nutrition helps repair the muscles and therefor gain weight faster. Other positive effects include positive mood changes and increased intensity, as well water retention which can prevent injury, and shows positive effects to strength indicators.

Directions For Use: The recommended dosage of oxymetholone for men is 50mg to 100mg per day for 6-8 weeks, splitting the doses into several portions throughout the day to be taken after meals. For females, the recommended dose is 12.5mg per day for 4 weeks, and 10mg of Turinabol for 4 weeks, while taking 100mg of Primobolan per week for the entire 8 weeks. With proper nutrition maximum results can be achieved and very visible.

Oxymetholone is not usually used on its own, it is generally taken in a cycle of boldenone, trenbolone, and testosterone.

Side Effects: A cycle of Anadrol can inhibit the body from naturally producing hormones, will effect the blood lipid profile, and can be toxic to the liver. It is for these reasons that post-cycle therapy is necessary. Toremifene and or clomiphene are necessary as estrogen blockers, and testosterone boosters are recommended to normalize hormone production. Tamoxifen is not recommended to be taken during this recovery cycle as it will be ineffective and may do harm.

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