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Testo-Non-10 (testosterone mix) 10ml vial (250mg/ml)


Testo-Non-10 (testosterone mix) 10ml vial (250mg/ml)


Manufacturer: MaxtremeCategory: Injectable steroidsSubstance: testosterone mixPackage: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

  • Open, Non-Proprietary Formula
  • Properly Dosed, Premium Ingredients
  • Multi-Functional Product
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

These statements should not replace advice or information from your physician or healthcare team. If you are taking testosterone for a legitimate medical purpose, you should never switch testosterone types or take a higher dosage. What’s more, certain people should not use this product. Do not take Testo-Non-10 if you:

During an off-season bulking cycle this is one of the best times to use Testo-Non-10. High testosterone levels create the perfect atmosphere for muscle growth. Granted, the calories have to be there. If you’re not eating enough all the testosterone in the world wont’ help you grow. However, the combination of a well-planned diet and high testosterone levels will see tremendous advancements in lean tissue growth. Of equal importance, high testosterone levels will enhance your metabolic rate. Those who have higher testosterone levels will gain less body fat during their off-season than those who do not have higher testosterone levels. Make no mistake, you can still gain a lot of unwanted body fat if you’re not careful with your off-season nutrition. but high testosterone levels will give you the ability to make better use of this period in training.

When it comes to Testo-Non-10’s original intent, the idea was to create a testosterone compound comprised of varying sized esters that would allow for instant testosterone benefits that would be long lasting. Of cycle, this hope would prove to be successful; in-fact, a TRT patient could actually remedy his low testosterone condition with only one injection of Testo-Non-10 every three to four weeks. Even so, due to a mixture of small and large esters, a problem was later discovered; while low testosterone would be remedied, total testosterone levels would rise and fall beyond appropriate or satisfactory means. For this reason, if levels are to be maintained at a more stable level, one injection every teen to fourteen days is probably more efficient, and for this reason, many U.S. physicians often opt for large single ester testosterone compounds like Testosterone Cypionate.


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